The Challenges

  • Remote/Temporary Locations

    Construction companies rely on remote working and temporary on-site locations to get their jobs. As a remote first company ourselves we know the struggles that can come from this type of business and with our LTE services and other remote solutions we will make sure your in the field managers have what they need to get the job done.

  • Frequent Change in Users

    We understand that construction companies may need to scale up and down quickly. At Lockedheart we offer flexible per user plans that allow for their organizations to scale their supported users in either direction and do it with predictability.

  • Business Continuity

    Your organizations data drives your projects and losing data for even a day can cause a loss. Thats why we make sure your organization has a continuity plan in place to make sure that you stay up and running as much as possible.

  • Communication

    Construction firms rely on their communications channels to keep up with their ever changing projects. At Lockedheart we offer our clients best in class communication technologies, such as Google Workspace, Zoom, and Microsoft356

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