Cybersecurity Services

The cybersecurity landscape is moving fast and at Lockedheart we help our clients by offering solutions that help with not only the normal vectors of attack such as antivirus but we also look at things such as password hygiene and end-user training.

Security Ecosystem

Our internal team has spent countless hours combing through the cybersecurity solutions landscape to provide our clients with a fully integrated and complete cybersecurity ecosystem.


Through our partnership with IGI we can provide vCISO bundles with both our services and IGI's services to provide your organization with the CISO experience without having to hire your own.

Third-Party Testing

At Lockedheart we know how hard cybersecurity can be and this means that even our specialists need help sometimes. This is why we work hand in hand with several third-party cybersecurity providers to audit and provide solutions to help our clients gain peace of mind.


We can provide organizations with several compliance needs such as PCI and HIPAA with guidance and help them meet compliance standards.

24x7x365 Security Operation Center

We provide your organization with a cost-effective SOC operation for a fraction of the cost of setting one up on your own.

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