Managed Services

Today, organizations lean on technology for their day to day operations, and with our 24x7 managed service plans we strive to bring our clients to a baseline level of both security and continuity so those technologies are both secured and available when they need them.

24x7 Support

At Lockedheart we offer 24x7 on call IT support if needed by our client. So they can rest easy that we are here to help whenever they need it.

Proactive Solution

Managed Services means that we are proactive with our clients we look for errors and pre-indicators of issues so that we are ready for issues if they arise. Allowing for faster response times and the elimination of issues before they affect business productivity.

Security & Continuity

Security & Continuity are the pillars of service we stand our managed services on. We want to make sure our clients' data is available to them when and where they need it and that they are accessing it and storing it in a secure manner.

Best in Class Technologies

Technology is hard, choosing solutions for your organization can be harder. With our Managed IT services our specialist that know your organization and the technology markets will continuously assess the technology market for new and exciting technologies to help your organization.

People First Technology

In many organizations, technology is necessary however they forget that technology is a tool for the members of your organizations to become more productive. This realization lives at the heart of Lockedheart and we are always looking for ways to continue to use technologies to increase our clients' productivity.

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